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8TV - December 2012

The Botex Versatile trailer is our lighter model, typically used with the 300 series loaders or behind a tractor with a roof mounted crane. It is capable of forwarding up to 8 tonnes & has round swivel pins to carry up to two bays of timber.

Comes fitted with a steering drawbar as standard.

Load Capacity: 8,000kg
A: 2.15m
B: 0.57m
C: 1.35m
D: 2.1m
E: 5.9m
F: 4.7m
G: 1.1m
H: 0.55m
Bed Length: 3.9m
Chassis Beam: 180x180x8mm
Wheels: 400x15.5x14p

Contact us for more information:

+44 (0)1556 612 233