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Euro 12-14

The Botex Euro 12-14 trailers are our best selling Euro models, they are capable of forwarding between 12 and 14 tonnes, depending on your requirements. This straight pinned forwarding trailer is a good all round unit, fitted with flotation tyres. These standard tyres are a hybrid between road & forestry tyres and as such perform well in both settings. All Euro Trailers come fitted with a steering drawbar as standard. 

The two units seen on the right are both Euro trailers, However Image 1 is when you have chosen to fit a heavy duty 500 series Loader to the trailer. This unit comes with a pillar & stabilisation legs. Unit 2 is our stand alone timber trailer used when the loader is roof mounted.

Euro 12-14
Load Capacity: 12000/14000kg
A: 2.4m
B: 0.6m
C: 1.65m
D: 1.2m
E: 6.7m *
F: 5.3m *
G: 1.37m
H: 0.7m
Bed Length: 4.9m
Chassis Beam: 200x200x10mm
Wheels: 500/50-17
* Reduce values ’E’ & ’F’ each by 0.2m (200mm) on trailers without loaders fitted.

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