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Cleaning Screen

screen image 
New From Wilson Machinery-

We can provide this Unique Firewood Cleaning screen system to be fitted to your processor insuring only the finest logs make it to the bag.

We have 2 models designed to fit many Posch models.

Our smaller screen will fit:

Posch S-300
Posch S-3000
Posch S-280
Posch S-350
Posch S-360
Posch S-301

Available for only  £399 +VAT

The second screen is larger to fit the wider conveyors found on the Posch 3100 & Posch 3200 units.

This unit is £499.99 +VAT.

This item will have free post when bought with any processors/large machinery, or a £55 + VAT postage charge will apply. 

A great add-on which is a quick and simple addition to your firewood operation, but will see the quality & value of your finish product increase tremendously. 

Contact us for more information:

+44 (0)1556 612 233