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EasyCut 700

The New Easy Cut MachineThe EasyCut 700 saw with automatic gravity feed is operated by hand and cuts billets and round wood. The wood is placed into the feeding trough, and from here it is gravity fed to the longitudinal stop. The operator starts the sawing operation manually using a push bar system. A WIDIA circular saw blade is used for sawing. The wave-shaped longitudinal stop reduces friction giving especially smooth operation for the timber trough that runs on ball bearings. After cutting, the billets are loaded by means of the conveyor belt. The operator can feed the next piece of wood at an ergonomically ideal height of 850mm - and the next cycle can be started manually. For optimum output 2 operators are needed, however the Posch SmartCut 700 is a very similar machine, however with an automatic cutting process, the need for a second operator is removed as only one is needed for loading of timber. Please watch the demo video below.

Easy Cut 700

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