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Harvesters & Forwarders

Jas P Wilson have been supplying quality new and used harvesters and forwarders to the UK forest industry for over 20 years. Early days were spent importing good second hand machines sourced in Scandinavia and brought to the UK for refurbishment prior to delivery.

The late 90's noticed a big change in the UK forests with good used machines starting to appear which allowed our market to become more or less self sufficient. Recent years have seen increased export of many machines from the UK back into not just Scandinavia but most other European countries as well.

Keto & SP Harvesting Heads

SP harvesting heads are one of Jas P Wilson's most recent product additions and were introduced via our links with Rottne. SP manufacture top quality harvesting heads that can be mounted on many different base machines and, in many cases, used together with their own existing measuring systems.

Keto harvesting heads are very well suited to many of the different types of base machine commonly used in the UK. From quality used purpose built machines to new or used excavator bases, Keto provide a much simplified alternative to modern day harvesting technology.

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