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HackBlitz 500


The sturdy Hackblitz 500 chops branches and twigs and waste wood. The material to be chopped is put into the hopper and evenly drawn in by the intake roller. The specific inclination of the hopper makes fast and smooth intake of material possible. The geometry of the chopping knives mounted on the chopping disk ensures rational shredding. The counter-blade is adjustable for perfect shredding results. The chopped material is ejectedat a height of 2.2 m.

The sturdy professional equipment for effortless shredding of tree cuttings, waste wood, etc.

Technical data:

• Wood up to approx. 10 cm Ø

• Cutting disk 500 mm Ø

• 160 mm wide and 200 mm high hopper opening

• Pivoting, 2.2 m high ejection tube

• Three-point linkage cat. I + II

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