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Although excavator based harvesters have been on the go for years now, the Harvadig name and concept began serious development by Jas P Wilson in 2009. After receiving a request for a simple and relatively small excavator based machine, we started to investigate different excavator and harvesting head combinations.

The client also asked about the possibility of a demountable head which would allow the excavator to carry out normal digger work or work with other attachments. As the harvester would be working in tight areas and thinnings we realised a zero tail swing would be the preferred option. A 14 tonne machine was purchased and fitted up with a Keto 150LD harvesting head for trials.

Surprising Results

Although the Keto head would operate at its optimum rate with around 125 hp behind it, the 86 hp of the 14 tonne machine provides a good level of performance. Fuel consumption is minimal and the head has a much longer lifespan as a result. The trials of this machine were originally just to satisfy a special request from a good customer but with the results we had found we quickly began to realise this is a machine that could offer a cost effective simple solution to a select band of our customer base.

The idea has now developed into a proven and successful system popular among contractors that take advantage of the Harvadigs versatility. If it's an out and out harvester that's required then there is every chance a purpose built machine would be a better option, but then a purpose built can only do one job and one job only.
Wilsons have supplied Harvadigs with a huge number of different attachments together with the harvesting head such as digging buckets, brash rakes, grapples and rotators, fixed grapples, mulchers, winches and post knockers.

The possibilities are endless.

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