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Harvadig Guarding Options

Our Harvadig machines are available with many different options on guarding and forest protection depending on the type of terrain etc Here you can find some of the different options explained.

Marguard bolt in windscreen
Due to the dangers of chainshot from harvesting saw chains, the Marguard window is a neccessity not an option. The safety of the operator should not be compromised. We fit a standard 12mm material that is bolted solid to the cabin frame. The original window wipers are left in place.

Cabin and rear framework
Our smaller machines and zero tail swing models are usually built using carefully rolled tubular frames. This allows the compact shape of these machines to be retained but still offers a strong protection from damage both from above and below. These kits are also designed to keep extra weight to a minimum.

Larger machines with tailswing are normally built with a 100mm rail or walkway around the base of the machine with a heavy duty box section frame built up from this base. rear access doors can be a vulnerable area and can be given extra protection if required.

Underbelly guarding
A very important area to take care of on an excavator conversion is underneath the machine. All underbelly guards are replaced with heavy duty plates and the turrett plate is replaced with a custom built version that keeps bolt heads away from the possibility of getting caught up on stumps. Motor guards are also replaced.

Track Guides
If the terrain is going to be more demanding then track guides are pretty much a must. Our guides are designed to keep tracks running smoothly and also protect the rollers from damage. The chances of throwing the tracks off are slim and also track chains and roller life can be easily doubled if you have these fitted.

Nose Cone and Harvadig pipework
The Harvadig concept works best using the standard quick hitch. The nose cone can be connected and disconnected just as you would a normal digging bucket. The pipework and connections can then be easily removed in just a few minutes to leave the machine 100% ready for the next attachment.

Click here for demonstration video of harvadig connection

Control and Measuring System
Wiring of the measuring system and controls at Wilsons is done to the absolute highest standard. We use levers bought in from Canada that are normally used for feller buncher applications and are very robust and reliable. Keto systems work very well with the well proven EPEC systems and the SP heads use a D5 Dasa system. Both are very much user friendly systems and our service guys are very experienced when dealing with fault finding or adjustments.

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