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HydroCombi Fixomatic

hydrocombi F

Technical data:
• Splitting power 10t/13t/16t/18t/20t/22t/26t/30t
• Autospeed or two splitting speeds „V2“
• Fixomatic system as a standard
• Max. billet length 110 cm
• cylinder stroke 100 cm
• Tractor driven: universal-joint shaft required, three-point linkage cat. I + II

Fixomatic system as a standard: â€¨The new Fixomatic system ensures that the log is ideally positioned to prevent slipping of the log during splitting. The rollers integrated in the splitting knife guarantee a smooth splitting process –so no more soft wood gets stuck in the splitting wedge.

The patented timber retaining tip secures even thin and angle-cut wood without problems.

Advantages at a glance

Mechanical log lifting device
With Fixomatic system as a standard: Convenient positioning of timber and integrated rollers for reduced power requirements
Patented timber retainer
Hydraulic system with return filter and safety oil tank
 Long-wearing and quiet: the industrial cast iron pump
Cylinder can be lowered; solid three-point linkage for transportation with tractor

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