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HydroCombi Turbo

hydrocombi T

Technical data

• Splitting power 16/24t with 2-cylinder splitting system for double the return speed and higherhourly output

• Fixomatic system as a standard

• Max. billet length 110 cm

• cylinder stroke 100 cm

• three-point linkage cat. I + II

Advantages at a glance

Mechanical log lifting device
Durable brass guides on the bevelled splitting knife
With Fixomatic system as a standard: Convenient positioning of timber and integrated rollers for reduced power requirements
Patented timber retainer
Hydraulic system with return filter and safety oil tank
Long-wearing and quiet: the industrial cast iron pump
Cylinder can be lowered; solid three-point linkage for transportation with tractor

The new Fixomatic system ensures that the log is ideally positioned to prevent slipping of the log during splitting. The rollers integrated in the splitting knife guarantee a smooth splitting process –so no more soft wood gets stuck in the splitting wedge.

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