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Igland 4201

Robust, solid, efficient and well suited forest winch to transport the timber to the loading site. The winch is equipped with automatic safety brake that allows the winch to be more user friendly and more flexible in the transition from start to stop. Extremely simple functional principles that are well suited for beginners. The winch has a fully welded construction that requires little maintenance. With the right accessories, this winch is a perfect choice for those looking for a "pro-winch" in a mini format.

AUTOMATIC SAFETY BRAKE reacts instantly and locks the drum at the end of haul-in, this gives the person who is winching good control over the wire rope. Is also ideal for winching logs uphill or when you need to manipulate the direction of the timber when cutting down a tree.  


 • Pulling capacity 42 kN (4,2 ton)
 • For small to medium sized tractors 30 to 52 kW (40 - 70 hp)
 • Automatic safety brake
 • Mechanical control
 • 3-point hitch as standard
 • Weight 206 kg 
 • Logging plate width 1,25 meters
 • Cableguard prevents derailment
 • Radio control is optional
 • Designed to facilitate acommodation of triangle mounting of other implements
 • Large logging plate with cable cutter and hooks for extra choker chains
 • Ideal for beginners
 • Features adjustable PTO drive height to accommodate a wide range of tractors
 • Top block for higher pull in point,(Option!!!!!!!)

Igland 4201

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