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Igland 55A

Powerful one-drum forest winch for those who want to pile up large amounts of timber. Unusually large drum capacity provides room for wide range of wire rope with sufficient length. Rugged and simple construction, low center of gravity with good visibility from tractor cabin. This winch is equipped with a double clutch for greater reliability, less wear and longer lifespan. Butt-plate width of 1,5 meters and is ideal for loading site work and provides excellent support when pulling in timber.

  • Pulling capacity 55 kN (5,5 tons)
  • Ideal for tractors 45 to 69 kW (60 - 95 hp)
  • Automatic safety brake
  • Mechanical control
  • 3-point hitch as standard
  • Weight 310 kg
  • Logging plate width 1,50 meters
  • Cableguard prevents derailment
  • Radio control is optional
  • Ratio 1:6
  • Double clutch

Igland 55A

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