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Igland 85H

Igland 85HIGLAND most powerful one-drum forest winch. This is a very solid and robust winch designed for large tasks. The winch is equipped with a large butt-plate providing excellent ground support and is ideal for timber stacking at the loading site. Very good drum capacity provides good choices of wire. The winch is equipped with a double clutch for greater reliability, less wear and longer lifespan. The construction of the winch provides excellent haul-in characteristics. 85H has a SPOOLMATIC coil unit which distributes the wire rope evenly across the drum which ensures high traction during haul-in. IGLAND 85H can be fitted with hydraulically adjustable pull-in point as option. This winch has electrohydraulic high pressure operation with self-contained hydraulics.

  • Pulling capacity 85 kN (8,5 tons)
  • Ideal for tractors 66 to 103 kW (90 - 140 hp)
  • Automatic safety brake
  • Mechanical control
  • 3-point hitch as standard
  • Weight 880 kg 
  • Logging plate width 2,06 meters
  • Cableguard prevents derailment
  • Radio control is optional
  • Double clutch 
  • Adjustable height of pulling point
  • Electrohydraulic high pressure operation with self-contained hydraulics is standard
  • Maintains high pressure during winching
  • High-capacity drum
  • Excellent spooling characteristics
  • Close to tractor permits heavy loads
  • High line pull throughout haul
  • Specially made topstay for extra ground pressure
Please watch the video below of Igland 85H owner Jim Sharp winching a very large piece of sycamore using his remote controlled machine! Thank you for the video!

Igland 85 H

Using a remote controlled Igland 85H to winch in large sycamore!

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