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Igland winch heads

Pento 5002, Pronto 6002 and Maxo 9002
  • Igland two-drum winches are mostly sold in a TL version which consists of winch head, mounting bracket and butt plate are mounted together in one unit and adapted to the tractor 3-point hitch. In some occasions the customer wants only the winch head and this can be delivered separately on request for permanent mounting on tractors and forestry machines.

  • This winch head has an electrohydraulic high-pressure operation with self-contained hydraulics as standard. Radio remote control is optional. 

  • The advantage of two-drum winch is too able to distribute the load on the two wire-ropes. The result is that the timber becomes easier to handle, gives excellent working conditions and safety is handled in a good way.

  • Fixed installation has some advantage compared to a fully rigged winch. With a fixed installation will the winch be more stable since it is fitted close to the tractor which results in tighter fitting to the tractor’s rear axle and center of gravity.

Igland Winch Heads

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