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Junkkari HJ 250

The new Junkkari HJ 250 chipper is ideal for chip- ping larger pieces of wood. This chipper is extremely popular abroad. Since it can be used for chipping wood up to 25 cm in diameter, it can be used to chip material for biofuels and wood used in parks and in energy sources.

HJ-250 is a non-direct feeding chipper. As the blades draw the wood in themselves, it requires less power. It comes in three versions: the M, G and GT models.

The HJ-250 G model is a chipper with a hydraulic feeding device. Its two feed rollers are powered by the tractor's hydraulics.

The HJ-250 GT model is almost identical to it: the only difference is that its feeding device has an independent hydraulic tank and pump. This means that no additional hydraulics is needed.

Third available version HJ-250 M is mechanical chipper without separate feeding device. For safety reasons all M-model chippers are equipped with a patented feed stopper operated with the control handle.

The new discharge chute gives excellent airflow and easy adjustability.

The HJ-250 chipper can be fitted with optional loader feeding equipment that contains the following elements: a stronger infeed chute, a No-Stress rotation guard and an electronic feed and discharge chute control.

Junkkari HJ 250

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