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Trailer Made

Posted on: Friday 20th June 2014

Trailer Made

Not only do we manufacture heavy duty Botex Timber trailers here on site, we also take in and refurbish used trade-in machines. 

We take refurbishment very seriously, as our customers are as far north and as far south as possible, so we like to know when the equipment arrives, they'll be extremely happy with their new machinery.

Today’s refurbishments seen team member Ahern fully refurbishing a Farma timber trailer & loader. This involved him stripping it right down, checking all components & once he finishes servicing & replacing any parts required, this machine will come out in a great condition ready for its new owner in Yorkshire.
painting a farma
painting a farma

This is just one of the many used machines we have in at the moment, as the number of trade-ins we have received in the 
last month has been very substantial. New or Used, We have many machines for the task.

painting a farmapainting a farma


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