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5 years ago: Cleaning up the beach & supporting the Nith Inshore rescue boat

Posted on: Monday 21st July 2014

5 years ago: Cleaning up the beach & supporting the Nith Inshore rescue boat As it is our 50th year, we have continued to look back through our photo albums & uncovered the images & story from our beach clear up in 2009 when Billy Wilson, his brother Iain Wilson, his cousin Philip Harper and his son Jim Wilson all took part in removing an old tractor which had spent many years half submerged in the sand in a popular boating area.
The team took it upon themselves to remove this dangerous & unsightly wreck with the aim of scrapping it to improve safety & donate any money generated from the metal to the local Inshore rescue team, the Nith Inshore Rescue.
tractor tractor 2
Billy, Iain, Philip and Jim use cable system pulled by quad bike to drag the floats and equipment out to the tractor. 

2 aircraft fuel pods and 10 x 45 gallon drums inside 1 ton bags were attached to the tractor


The Belarus was winched to shore using a Valmet fitted with an Igland timber winch and 400M of wire rope borrowed from the Wilson’s business.

hookliftThe tractor was lifted onto a Bigab skip trailer belonging to Philip and transported back to Wilson’s Dalbeattie yard.

After being parked in the far corner of Wilson’s yard for a few months the mussels are cleaned off the tractor thanks to Billy’s father-in-law Con.

Philip and Billy lift the mussel free tractor on to one of the Rosefield Salvage skips.

Billy hands the cheque for £175 over to the Nith inshore rescue crew with Iain, Jim and Philip to his left.


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