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Building Extension

Posted on: Wednesday 27th August 2014

Building Extension

Work starts later this week to increase the storage & work space available on our current site.
The work, which should be completed by Mid-November of this year will expand the existing spare parts building by adding just over 6500 Square Feet of new floor space to the building (in the form of a 170ft long extension).

This new space will not only allow Iain Wilson to increase his stock of quality used harvester & forwarder spare parts, it will also allow EFM Botex to make an exciting move which should allow them to maximise their output & help meet the needs of their ever increasing order book.

EFM plan to relocate their current paint shop from the existing Botex factory into this new extension. This will not change the painting process, but should however free up a significant area within the Botex factory to make space for an increased sized assembly area. This larger assembly area (around twice its current size) will greatly improve assembly times, meaning production times will improve.

We will keep you posted on the developments of these areas. Work has already began today to clear the area.


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