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Full Truck load of new & used machines about to be delivered

Posted on: Monday 10th August 2015

Full Truck load of new & used machines about to be delivered

Our truck is currently being loaded to begin a five drop delivery starting early tomorrow, in the driving seat is our Posch engineer Andrew McSherry, who will also fully install the machines and give training.
On the load include a brand new Posch AutoSplit 250 Kindling machine, going all the way to South East England. This unit is the single phase model; capable of being powered by a normal domestic voltage of 230v.Also in the way of new Posch machinery being delivered is the HydroCombi 20, seen at the end of the flatbed.  This 20 tonne splitting force machine is for a customer in Yorkshire.

Also going to Yorkshire, a  Lasco Roli 10 for another customer, which is a different kind of splitter entirely!
Also to be delivered is our third splitter option, a large horizontal PTO splitter, in this case a second hand Posch SplitMaster 28T, which is set be delivered to Hertfordshire.
Finally on the load is large Hakki Pilke Easy 42, a machine we had originally taken in part exchange towards a new Posch S-360, which we have since refurbished and workshop checked. This serviced machine is now heading to Norfolk. 


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