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Lakes Biomass review the Posch S-360

Posted on: Tuesday 6th October 2015

Lakes Biomass review the Posch S-360 We would like to thank Kerry Cooper from for her great review of their new S-360 in this months Confor Magazine - Forest & Timber News. There is also a great write up on there website. Their website shows in more detail the great work they do to produce their wood fuel.

With the firewood season off to a flying start this year we are glad to have upgraded our processor to a new Posch Spalt Fix S-360. We regularly review all our production processes as a team in order to identify areas where we can deliver the best service and product to our customers.

During our reviews we focus on six key factors, how we can:

1. Improve safety

2. Improve output

3. Improve product quality

4. Reduce costs

5. Reduce waste

6. Reduce emissions

During winter 2014/15 we saw a big increase in log volumes and we were already seeing winter 2015/16 sales at an even higher level. To ensure we could meet demand during our peak winter months we needed to up our throughput without compromising on product quality. The team felt we could not achieve this with our current machines and so we decided to bring in the new Posch 360 ahead of this winter season.

The new machine is very safe to operate and because it is hydraulically fed, timber movements are automated and safer too. We are already seeing output at a much higher level and with cut logs being fed automatically by conveyor into our drying units again we are reducing handling – and so increasing safety and productivity. The machine cuts logs between 20cm and 50cm long. For us this means we don’t have to change machines to move from producing logs for domestic stoves to long logs for biomass boilers. This means a lot less hassle closing down and setting up new machines in the yard. The logs are cut very cleanly and with the minimum of waste.

The machine ingeniously bags the sawdust it creates which, once we have built up sufficient stock, we will be able to sell on, making it a very efficient process. The automatic log deck and conveyor system reduces the need to move timber and processed logs – so reducing our on site emissions. That makes us all happy!

With logs literally flying out the door we are very pleased to have the new machine up and running and thank Jas Wilson’s who supplied us, for their help and support. We hope the Posch will be working hard in our yard for many years to come; it is certainly ticking all six boxes from our production review!

Kerry's words in this months Confor Magazine - 'Forest & Timber News'


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