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28 year old Posch processor still doing the job

Posted on: Thursday 5th November 2015

28 year old Posch processor still doing the job

Andrew McSherry, our Posch Service Engineer sent over some great images of a Posch Transaw 300 firewood processor was manufactured in 1987.

He took the images showing local firewood producers, McSherry Brothers.
They are currently processing old bog mats (pictured below).

Bog mats are used for machinery to cross soft ground, these particular ones measured 5 metres in length, and were made of hardwood.
This machine, although old has been well maintained and serviced where needed.
With it, the McSherry Brothers manage to produce a 1 tonne bag of quality firewood in an amazing 12minutes. This goes to show that no matter the age of the machine, it is still possible to compete with larger companies with modern equipment, as it all boils down to margins and the quality of the end product. This 1987 machine will have many years left, and make many more tonnes before it needs upgrading.
The McSherry Brothers are using a 20hp Hinomoto tractor to drive this processor, which is more than capable.

We are pleased to see that even a 28 year old posch can still compete commercially with other machines. The speed and output quality remains at a very acceptable level, which is working well for their business.


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