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TP tracked chipper in use

Posted on: Wednesday 3rd August 2016

TP tracked chipper in use

Billy Wilson had our demo TP 160 tracked wood chipper out last weekend to help a neighbour.
The site had a very narrow access point, with narrow walkways, an arched entrance and some steps.  
Beyond this was the site which needed cleared.
The tracked chipper was able to get up and into the site easily, with only the out-feed chute needing to be removed in order to pass under the low archway. Removing and refitting the chute is a very quick and easy process.
Gaining access in this way removed the need to transport the timber down the difficult slope manually, with no doubt a great level of difficultly to a trailed chipper outside the arch.
This would not have been an easy option as up the hill, the tracked chipper was worked in a site totalling around 2 acres and moved easily between areas.














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