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B is for BOTEX, B is also for BUSY!

Posted on: Wednesday 25th January 2017

B is for BOTEX, B is also for BUSY!

B is for BOTEX ....B is also for BUSY..... as always in the Botex factory in Dalbeattie we have lots of exciting manufacturing on the go! We have a Brand new T194 in for fitting of a Botex 580B Crane with the latest Load/Flow Share valve, we have almost completed the roof mounting of a new Botex 570B with iQan electric controls to an N111 for a customer in Cornwall, we have made great progress with a Nokka 1530D Drive trailer which we are mounting a new Botex 570B & iQan controls and we are nearing completion of a bespoke trailer for a customer in Suffolk who has the need for the trailer to be able to carry a vast variety of lengths of willow.

New T Series Valtra in for fitting of a New 580B Timber Loader and load flow share valve with armrest mounted electric controls.

N111 supplied by the customer to have a Botex 570B fitted with armrest mounted iQan controls.

A brand new Nokka 1530 Drive Trailer being fitted up with a Botex 570B Timber Loader & Electric iQan Controls

600/50/22.5 heavy ply flotation tyres and hydraulic cage drive fitted on the Nokka Drive Trailer

If you have any questions on the above or see something that you think would be beneficial to your business please contact Simon Clingan on 01556 612233 or email


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