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College Engineering Students site visit

Posted on: Wednesday 8th March 2017

College Engineering Students site visit

Drew Easton, our onsite Learning and Development Manager has had a number of school and college visits in recent weeks, most recently Dumfries & Galloway College's Engineering students.

We have a number of new simulators to provide an enguaging and life-like experience for those developing their skills with us, and it was these machines Drew included in recent site visits to great effect! 


Drew explains "For welding we are using a Fronius simulator in MAG (Metal Active Gas) process, the simulator assists the trainee to work at optimum welding speed, with the correct tip to work distance and learns them about torch control; This is a state of the art training system that we will have on site for four weeks. For trainees the system provides "real time" feedback enabling the operator to instantly change welding technique, the system also provides reflective feedback through playback, where a ghosted image shows clearly where the trainee can improve technique. A scoring system is also incorporated enabling measured progression to be clearly defined.


The other simulator we are using is called SIMLOG, this is a training system designed to train operators on crane operation, it provides an opportunity for them to develop their understanding of what the various controls do in a safe environment, with progressively more challenging exercises as they develop their operating skills, the exercises provide ongoing audible feedback and there is a scoring system to gauge progression. The system is based on Forwarder operation and reflects the BOTEX product which is built in the Dalbeattie factory.


Training delivered through simulation in a virtual medium has proven that a range of skills can be acquired, whilst providing a lifelike experience [Consider the airline industry]  - The simulators will be extensively used throughout March with educational groups from partner Schools and Colleges, Dumfries and Galloway  College brought two groups of National Certificate engineering students [Fabrication and Welding + Manufacturing Engineering] for a site tour and interactive experience on the 1st of March, feedback from the students and lecturers has been very positive."




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