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The Posch S-410 Firewood Factory: Video & Article

Posted on: Thursday 21st September 2017

The Posch S-410 Firewood Factory: Video & Article

The modern way to make high quality, consistent specification firewood.

The state-of-the-art Posch S-410 combines incredible ease of use, with outstanding firewood product quality.


Starting with the cutting unit, the S-410’s first feature to note is the tungsten tipped circular saw blade. This large 1000mm blade is safely enclosed within the machine, and unlike a bar and chain alternative, the circular blade will remain maintenance free for hundreds of tonnes of cutting.
This machine will easily accept large diameter logs up to 41cm. Another advantage associated with the circular blade and strong log grip is that this machine can cut and perform right up to the last round, often with a bar and chain machine the last remaining round in any length can be an issue to ensure a quality cut, this is not the case with the S-410.
The speed and movement of the cut is proportionally controlled with the aid of an easy to use joystick control. All primary machine functions can be controlled from this area, from hydraulically feeding logs in from the log deck, along the conveyor and into the sawing chamber.
It is at this point log length can be set to ensure consistency, with incremental settings between 12-33cm in length.
Once cut these uniform rounds roll down the next chute onward and into the splitting machine, which will convert these into logs automatically. The entire process from here onward to produce logs needs no further involvement from the operator. They initially set the required edge thickness of the logs then focus on other areas of the operation. The splitting system is fully adjustable and is designed to produce predominately square-faced logs between a settings range again is incrementally controlled between 4-15cm across. The thickness of the logs is determined by the speed to which the rounds pass through the splitter, if you required thick logs of say 15cm wide, the rounds pass through the machine quickly, as the more time spent in this area creates more splits, creating a smaller product, e.g a small 4cm across log suitable for a small log burner. The automatic cross-knife splitting process ensures a more consistent product over conventional firewood processors.
In the accompanying video the machine can first be seen processing fully seasoned hardwood, followed later by partly seasoned softwood Larch. The machine can easily handle both types, and alternate with no need to adjust any settings.  Much of the UK net bag market requires a large supply of regular softwood logs, something which this machine will produce with ease.
Fully seasoned timber can produce a little more trash due to its nature, but this is not of any issue to either machines, and with the addition of a cleaner as seen in the video, this can easily be screened out quickly prior to net wrapping. The cleaner shown in the video is the Posch LogFix ‘S’. The ‘S’ denotes the size, with a larger ‘L’ and ‘XL’ model also in the range. The ‘S’ however can easily handle the speed of the S-410. These cleaners from Posch provide very effective trash removal, without producing excess noise which other turning drum type cleaners often produce. These cleanly cut square logs, free from excess trash are ideal for the net bag market as they can be easily packed.

Prior to bagging, the system shown in the video is making use of a Posch Double Packfix machine. This quickly wraps 1.6m cubed of cut logs onto a pallet where they can then be easily moved, stacked and distributed in wholesale volumes if required. The netting on these wraps also allows for airflow through the logs, providing a final seasoning opportunity for logs which require it. The double drum Packfix allows for one drum to be wrapped as the second drum fills with logs from the working processor.
As you can see the degree to which this machine has mechanised the process allows the operator the freedom to oversee the entire process with ease. There is no requirement to be physically fit or have a high stamina level as the machine produces high volumes without strenuous effort. The operator can instead use this surplus time away from cutting to ensure production quality, maintain a consistent supply of timber lengths onto the infeed log deck and keep the machines and worksite tidy and free from hazards.
This machine is available to see and demonstrate from Jas P Wilsons site in Dalbeattie, South West Scotland, DG5 4QU. For full details or to arrange a visit please enquire today on 01556 612233 or email Thank you.



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