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The Posch LogFill is used as a billet buffer and ensures smooth operation.

The LogFill is used as interim storage during firewood preparation. It holds 2 cubic metres of billets maximum and releases them – in a measured and precisely adjustable manner – by means of a chain feed. The LogFill can be combined with the Posch LogFix that removes any splinters from the billets. The LogFill can also be used for buffering one part of the billets while the other part is being packaged. The 4 kW motor of the LogFill can be conveniently controlled from the feeding vehicle by means of a remote control unit and can be switched on and off by the operator.

LogFill E4,0-400

Technical data:

• Holds a maximum of 2 m³

• Loading height: 195 cm min. or 270 cm min.

• Infeed opening: approx. 280 x 110 cm

• Dimensions of basic equipment (without pedestal and conveyor belt): 400 x 170 x 245 cm

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