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The Posch LogFix separates billets from splinters and provides high-quality firewood instantly. The rotating rollers remove chips, splinters of bark and wood from the firewood. The waste falls downwards. As the rollers work very slowly at only 50 rpm, the LogFix is very quiet. Underneath the screen, there is a funnel from where the waste reaches an optional conveyor belt or container (w 1.25 m x d 1.25 m x h 1 m max.; and with option Z w 1.25 m x d 1.25 m x h 1.6 m). Radio remote control for convenient starting and stopping of the screen.

LogFix with optional access guard (Z): High-quality firewood in an instant.

Technical data:

• Screen width: 54 mm, 7 rollers
• Screen: l x w: 1,300 x 750 mm, Height of transfer of clean billets: 1,950 mm
• Filling height: 2.5 min.
• Dimensions: l x w x h: 2,400 x 1,600 x 2,300 mm

Contact us for more information:

+44 (0)1556 612 233