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Posch K-600 & K-650

5 -10 cm logsThe powerful Spaltfix K-600 (Vario) Firewood Processor allows the production of an unparalleled quality of firewood. Logs up to 60 cm in diameter are processed into fine pieces of firewood. The operator cuts the wood on the platform using joystick controls to a desired set length. The K-650 is much the same, with the increased ability to accept up to 65cm diamter timber!

 After cutting, rings path through the AutoSplit machine which automatically splits the logs with a splitting power of 16THere at this splitting section, the feedrate can be adjusted as and when desired, meaning the production of logs with differing edge length from 5-10 cm.

Example of Logs from K-600 Processors Auto-Split section

The S
paltfix K-600 Vario consists of the PowerCut unit and the Auto Split unit. As an option, this system can be ungraded with a conveyor belt taking logs to a Posch LogFix device designed to eliminate offcut chips & clean up the resulting end product. Passing from the LogFix clean firewood can then be convayed into a Posch PackFix System for packaging, Storage/Seasoning & Transportation.




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