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Rottne Forwarders & Harvesters

Jas P Wilson have been UK distributors for Rottne harvesters and forwarders since 1998. Rottne Industri AB have been building machines for the forest since 1955, and share similar values with Jas P Wilson when dealing with their customers on a personal level. The current Rottne range consists of 4 forwarders, ranging from 10 tonne to 18 tonne load capacity, and 5 harvesters that cover the tightest of thinning operations to the largest and most demanding of clearfell sites.

Rottne F10 ForwarderRottne F13sRottne F15 Forwarder
Rottne F18 Forwarder
Rottne H 8Rottne H11 6WD
Rottne H11 8WDRottne H14

Rottne H11 8WD harvester

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