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S-410 Firewood Processor

New for 2017, the S-410 is a true high performance machine for professionals who care about a high quality end product!

Speed does not effect quality with this machine, high speed product of high quality firewood.

This new machine has a 41cm diameter max cut, using a tungsten tipped circular saw.

This machine is infact 2 machines, the high speed cutting station, called the PowerCut 410, which allows the user to cut the log to the required log lengths by using the joystick control. After cutting to length, the log is passed on to the AutoSplit – the second machine.


Unterschiedliche Scheitholzgrößen mit dem SpaltFix S-410

Variably adjustable edge length

On the AutoSplit, the requested billet size can be adjusted to an edge length from 4 to 15 cm. The machine can also produce Only-Cut rounds.


S-410 Video

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