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Start your own firewood production

- There has never been a better time!

Rapid growth of the green energy sector in the UK has seen the firewood market place go through rapid expansion, this coupled with government incentives (reduced Tax rates/Grants etc.), and the development of ideally suited wood processing machines built to last and make short work of the task has created an easy to enter, highly profitable option for many people to start offering firewood products. Many people have decided to do this to make the most of quiet times during the year, and add a new & consistent revenue stream to their existing businesses.

Make a success of your new venture - Start with the best!

Austrian based Posch are Europe's leading supplier of firewood machines, with over 60 years of cutting edge market leading machine design & manufacture. Now well known & trusted for their extra tough, high performance machines, there is no reason to look elsewhere. They are built by professionals, for professionals! These machines have the full back-up of Jas P Wilson, the UK's only official Posch dealers. We treat all of our machines the same, big or small, Jas P Wilson offer extensive warranty on all of our new machine sales, servicing options & on-the-road back up from our skilled staff, who can insure your market leading machine, keeps producing the finest quality product, again & again. Posch machines are built to last, and fully backed-up by us, with our 50 years of experience within the industry!

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Please note:

These are not recommended for large scale commercial use, please look through larger firewood machines for that, such as our Posch Spaltfix S-360, the market leading machine, by the market leading supplier!


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