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Posch SmartCut 700

SmartCut 700
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Powerful, fully automatic cutting system ensuring more convenience through the new SensoStart cut system.

The fully automatic EasyCut 700 firewood saw cuts billets and round timber in two-second intervals; depending on wood diameter and length of cut the output is up to stacked cubic metres an hour and can be achieved by one operator alone. The wood is placed into the feeding trough, and from here on the EasyCut 700 does everything else. Gravitation moves the wood to the longitu­dinal stop. The SensoStart system identifies the wood and starts the sawing process automatically.blade

A Tungsten Tipped Circular saw blade is used for cutting. After cutting, the billets are loaded by means of the conveyor belt. Once the last billet has been processed, the SensoStart 8 system responds to the end of operations and the timber trough automatically stops in the starting position. The operator can feed the next piece of wood at an ergonomically 
ideal height of 100 cm – and the next cycle starts automatically. 

                         power options
Tractor PTO 480 rpm (cycle time: 2.4 seconds)
Tractor PTO 480 rpm (cycle time: 2.4 seconds) PLUS  3 phase 11 kW electric motor (400 V)


Technical data:

  • Hydraulically operated timber trough with retaining unit and SensoStart-System for swift and convenient firewood cutting
  • V-belt drive for optimum cutting speed and higher cutting performance
    • The timber stop can be adjusted for 18/20/25/30/33/36/40/45/50 cm with no need for tools
    • High-quality tungsten tipped circular saw blade Ø 700 mm, for max. timber diameter of 230 mm
    • Three-point linkage cat. I + II
    • Hydraulic telescopic conveyor belt; the angle of inclination can be adjusted between 25° and 35°
    • Tractor driven: Universal-joint shaft required

 machine images

Conveyor belt
The machine comes standard with a 4.2 m conveyor belt. 

For other conveyor belt lengths see table below.

Article no.


Ejection height





Reduced price for 1.5 m conveyor belt


~ 50



4 m conveyor belt, standard


~ 125



Surcharge for 5 m conveyor belt


~ 200


Special additional equipment for your SmartCut 700

Turbo Upgrade - the Turbo model has an oil cooler and 25% higher sawing output (cycle time: 2 seconds)

Accessory equipment for your SmartCut 700

Article no.



Hour counter for Z and ZE drive


Connector for chip extraction unit 100 mm


Connector for chip extraction unit 150 mm


Stable WIDIA circular saw blade Ø 700 mm (84 teeth)


Walterscheid universal-joint shaft


Posch SmartCut 700

New Smartcut 700 from Posch

Available to order

The all new Smartcut

Watch the demo to see its speed and quality of finished product

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