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HomeSplit 8 Special


The HomeSplit 8 Special is an ideal machine for home or small scale commercial use,
There are a few different power options available on this special version, these are as follows:

230V Single Phase Electric, No tractor needed as this model is 230V Single Phase electric, which can be run 
domestically, using the same power supply that typically powers outdoor equipment and caravans.

Or if you want to run it from a tractor, Hydraulically powered or PTO options are available.

Another option exists for those withing to not use electricity, but who do not wish to run it from a tractor, we also
sell this splitter powered by a 4.8 KW Petrol Honda engine, which allows a lot of flexibility in its operation.

Dont be tricked into cheaper alternatives, Posch are the trusted market leader for a reason, & when it comes to machinery
- that makes all the difference in power, speed, reliabiliy & most importantly, Safety!

The 'Special' has the following benifits above the Standard Specs:

• Max. billet length 100 cm (optional: 130 cm), cylinder stroke 54 cm
• With the support table that can be inserted into the splitter, timber of 100 cm, 82 cm and 55 cm length can be split.
• Push-on Special knife with rollers 

Plus the special has the following standard specs, similar to the non-special:

• Splitting Power 7.2 t
• Engine: 230V Single Phase electr. motor 6t
• Max. billet length 55 cm, cylinder stroke 54 cm
• Mobile on two solid rubber wheels Ø 300 mm
• Motor circuit-breaker and phase inverter

 Turbo model: for even higher splitting speed

Advantages at a glance
 Much Faster, Safer & Less physically demanding than splitting wood with hand tools
 Logs up to 1.3m can be split with ease
 Ease of operation and safety ensured by timber retainer
 Powerful Turbo option available, for even faster splitting speed
 Quiet Hydraulics, allows working from home, plus continuous operation without loud noise 
 Easy transportation due to heavy duty rubber wheels
 Sturdy & Long-Lived, a common Posch feature which has lead to their success & buyer confidence
 Full Warranty & UK Back-up, Servicing & Spares if needed from Jas P Wilson.

Posch Spaltaxt 8 splitter Demo

Contact us for more information:

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