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SpaltFix K-540

K-540 Posch Firewood ProcessorQuick and comfortable splitting of large logs. The SpaltFix K-540 cuts and splits timber up to 55 cm in diameter into 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 or even 18 billets of up to 50 cm long in one go. The two cylinder's this machine has, easily double the return speed for higher hourly output. The hydraulic timber rocker ensures optimum transfer of timber between cutting and splitting area.
Turbo Drive: 
To save power sawing is only possible with the standard drive if the load on the splitter is less than 100 bar. With the turbo drive model, splitter and saw work simultaneously thanks to the added drive. The use of the turbo drive provides some 10% higher performance (especially if the ring knife is frequently used) as sawing and splitting are done simultaneously

Technical data: 
Splitting power 35 t with Autospeed, double-cylinder system
Autospeed+: Automatic switching between three splitting speeds: 6 t at 28 cm/s, 15 t at 15 cm/s, 35 t at 8 cm/s
• Timber diameter up to 55 cm max.
Harvester-SuperCut chain saw with automatic chain and guide bar tensioning
• Hydraulic timber advance with 2 intake rollers
Log manipulator for optimum positioning
Hydraulic double gripper

Hydraulic saw advance with hydraulic retraction at stop

• Hydraulic timber rocker ensuring optimum transfer of timber between cutting and splitting area
• Special design for 3-in-1 splitting knife functionality
• Two-hand joystick control
Oil cooler for continuous operation
• Hour counter, standard only for models with Z-drive
• Stationary model

Posch SpaltFix K-540 Firewood Processor

Machine in operation cutting large logs

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