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SpaltFix S-280

SpaltFix S-280

The Posch S-280 firewood processor cuts and splits timber up to 28 cm in diameter into 2, 4 or 6 logs. The logs can be lifted onto the infeed conveyor by means of an optional log lifting device. This infeed is powered, moving timber towards the tungten tipped circular saw blade. Afterwards, the logs travel on an outfeed conveyor (options available) to the correct high & distance required to reach your means of storage or transportation. 

Technical data:

• Splitting power 10t with Autospeed

• Timber diameter up to 28 cm max.

• WIDIA tungsten tipped circular saw blade Ø 700 mm

• Produces a maximum of 6 billets up to 50 cm long per cut & split cycle

• Hydraulic timber feed with 2m infeed conveyor belt

• Manual saw advance

• Adjustable splitting knifes - manual

• Timber gripper operated by hand

• Three-point linkage cat. II

280 insideInside the SpaltFix S-280: 
1) Manual timber retainer
2) Ø 700mm quality tungsten tipped circular saw blade 
3) Adjustable timber stop to fix log length
4)The splitting ram thrusts the wood against the double edged splitting knife with a splitting power of 10t

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