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SplitMaster 20


Technical data:

• Splitting power 20 t, with Autospeed

• Up to 6 billets in one go

• Max. billet length 110 cm, cylinder stroke 115 cm

• Driven by tractor: three-point linkage cat. I + II; universal-joint shaft required

Powerful splitting thanks to largely dimensioned cylinder. Stop valve for added safety.

Advantages at a glance

For metre-long logs up to 1.25 m

Ease of operation and high splitting performance thanks to Autospeed

Professional hydraulic system with grey-cast iron pump and oil filter for continuous operation

Hydraulic lifting device for more convenience

Height-adjustable splitting knife variants

Ergonomic height


Posch 20t wood splitter Demo

Contact us for more information:

+44 (0)1556 612 233