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Tilting Saw

Tilting Saw

Technical data:

• Chromium alloy saw blade tungsten tipped Ø 700 mm

• Maximum cutting diameter 240 mm

• Mobile on two solid rubber wheels Ø 300 mm

Direct drive: saw blade directly flanged on motor shaft.

V-belt drive for optimum cutting speed and higher hourly output

PTO drive Driven by tractor (speed required: 540 rpm) or combined with electr. motor, switch with phase inverter.

or Petrol engine, 
V-belt drive via 4-stroke petrol engine.

Advantages at a glance

Smooth-running and stable tilting mechanism for safe sawing

Adjustable handle and improved damping ensure the highest ease of operation

The design of the tilting mechanism prevents the wood from twisting

Sturdy and compact all-steel design for long service life

Large Ø 300 mm wheels

Tilting Saw Demo

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