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Tilting saw with fitted conveyor belt

Tilting saw with conveyor

Technical data:

• Driven by tractor (speed required: 540 rqm) or combined with electr. motor, switch with motor circuit-breaker and phase inverter

• V-belt drive via oil-bath drive

• Chromium alloy saw blade tungsten tipped Ø 700 mm

• Maximum cutting diameter 240 mm

• Three-point linkage cat. I + II, incl. transport aid

• Installation of conveyor belt: length of conveyor belt 4.2 m, ejection height: 2.75 m. It is possible to retrofit tilting saws with conveyor belts.

Advantages at a glance

Smooth-running and stable tilting mechanism for safe sawing

Adjustable handle and improved damping ensure the highest ease of operation

The design of the tilting mechanism prevents the wood from twisting

Sturdy and compact all-steel design for long service life

Large Ø 300 mm wheels

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