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Tilting Saw Duo

Tilting duo

Technical data:

• Duo system with 2 tungsten tipped circular saw blades for 3 x 22 cm long billets in one fell swoop.

• Take out one saw blade to produce billets of 25 cm, 50 cm, and other lengths the conventional way.

• 2 x WIDIA saw blade Ø 700 mm

• Mobile on two solid rubber wheels Ø 400 mm

• Maximum cutting diameter 240 mm

• GS-tested

Advantages at a glance

Sturdy and compact all-steel design for long service life.

Thanks to the integrated protective cover it is impossible to accidentally reach into the saw blade during sawing.

The handle is adjustable in height and meets all ergonomic demands.

Large Ø 400 mm wheels.

Length display for billets of even length.

Smooth-running and stable tilting mechanism for safe sawing. The design of the tilting mechanism prevents the wood from twisting.

V-belt drive for optimum cutting speed and higher hourly output.

Driven by tractor
 (speed required : 540 rpm), universal-joint shaft required or combined with e-motor.

Three-point linkage cat. I + II, incl. transport aid.

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