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TP 130 PTO Chipper


13 cm  Wood Chipper for tractor


TP 130 has one hydraulic driven feed roller which is manufactured with tooth discs made from wear steel which gives a strong and aggressive infeed when the wood is fed through the feeder and directly to the knives. The chips that are produced are 8 mm long and very uniform as the wood is cut at an angle of 90 degrees.

In terms of safety the machine complies with current regulations in the EU. The wood chipper is equipped with an operation bar for controlling the feed roller. With the operation bar it is possible for the operator to start and stop as well as reverse of the feed roller.

  • Simple mounting of knives - adjustment free
  • Integrated hydraulic system
  • Two knives
  • Two anvils of Raex 400 material
  • One hydraulically powered feeder
  • Rotorlock when changing knives
  • Scrapers to secure against accumulation of material at the feeding cylinders and in the rotor housing
  • Operation bar for start/stop/reverse of the feeders
  • PTO linkage
  • Adjustable foot in 2 positions
  • Flexible ejector spout
  • Simple replacement of wearing parts
  • Comprehensive manual and spare parts list



Technical data:

 Max. wood diameter:   


 Chip capacity:

 Up to 10 m3/hour

 Effect need:

 25-60 hp (18-45 kW)


 502 kg


130 PTO Video

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