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TP 175 PTO Chipper

170 ptoThis tractor-mounted chipper sets completely new standards for efficiency & uniform chipping!


The TP 175 PTO is produced in high strength steel that is 50% stronger than conventional steel.This makes TP 175 PTO a stronger machine even if it weighs less than traditional engineered wood chippers of the same type. The low weight provides an important side effect: Now even small tractors and compact tractors from 40 hp can handle a larger chipper. 


TP 175 PTO is equipped with Linddana's effective TP TWINDISC rotorand TP OPTICUT; a dual split-blade system, ensuring that there is always a blade engaged with the Wood material. The result is less vibration, more steady strain on the machine and lower fuel consumption. The dual blade system also ensures a very uniform chip quality that makes the end product suitable for heating purposes.

Technical data for TP 175 PTO: 

Max. Wood diameter:

175 mm.

Infeed opening:

175 x 220 mm.

Max. capacity:

Up to 20 m3/h (measured in wood chip)

Wood chip size:

4 - 12 mm.

Power requirement:

40 - 90 hp (29-66 kW)


519 kg



175 PTO Video

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