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TP 200 PTO Chipper

200 pto

This is not without reason the most sold model of the TP Wood chippers. Functionality and flexibility have been curcial factors for many buyers. The TP 200 is a disc chipper with hydraulic feed, three knives and three anvils. Simple, flexible and effective for wood chipping of branches and entire trees up to 200 mm in diameter. The wood is carried by two hydraulically powered feed rollers and cut at an angle of 90 degrees.

  • Rotor disc with 3 knives
  • 1 horizontal and 2 vertical counter steels
  • 2 horizontal feed rollers
  • 1 spring for compression of rollers
  • 360 degrees turnable ejector spout
  • PTO shaft with free-wheel from Walthersheic
  • Simple mounting of knives - adjustment free
  • Rotorlock when change of knives
  • Integrated hydraulic pump station
  • Flexible ejector spout
  • Tip-up Funnel
  • Simple replacement of wearing parts
  • Comprehensive manual with complete spare parts list

 Technical Data:

 Max wood diameter:

 200 mm 

 Max. Chip capacity:

 40 m3/hour


 40-115 hk (30-85 kW)


 700 kg

200 PTO video

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