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TP 230 PTO Chipper

230 pto

A strong wood chipper - with trailer coupling - for chipping wood of up to 230 mm in diameter. A disc chipper with hydraulic feeding and with the funnel 90 degrees to the
side. the vertical feed rollers and the cutting angle of 45 degrees ensure an agressive and problem free chipping of even the most crooked trunks. TP 230 is the obvious wood chipper when you want to collect the chips in a cart. At the same time, the perpendicular chiper gives great advantages when the material to be chipped is placed alongside a road. 




  • Rotor disc with 3 knoves and sliverbreakers with 3 fingers, type A
  • 1 horizontal and 1 vertical counter steel
  • 2 vertical feed rollers
  • 2 springs for compression of rollers
  • 360 degrees turnable ejector spout
  • Tip-up funnel
  • Friction clutch between gear box and machine
  • PTO shaft with free-wheel from Walterscheid
  • Intregrated hydraulic pump station
  • Hitch (Not approved for transportation on public roads)
  • Simple replacement of wearing parts
  • Comprehensive manual with complete spare parts list
  • Stress control system - TP PILOT

Technical data: 

Max. wood diameter:

230 mm.

Opening at the rollers:

230 x 240 mm.

Chip capacity:

Up to 45 m3/h

Chip length:

12 - 18 mm. (adjustable)

Power requirement:

50 - 120 hp (37-90 kW)


990 kg


230 PTO Video

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