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TP 320 Chipper with Crane

320TP 320 PTO is a 32 cm wood chipper where the funnel is parallel with the roadside. A tractor with a reverse drive system is recommended for optimal use. 

The TP 320 PTO is ideal for row chipping in forests and well suited for many other purposes, such as road clearing and the production of biomass, due to the chippers large capacity and compact design.

The chipper comes with a long ejector spout over the tractor as standard. This allows the chips to be collected by a trailer pulled in front. An option is available to fit a hydraulic turn system to the shoot, enabling  minor adjustments to the outlet direction.

  • 2 hydraulic driven feed rollers with aggressive teeth and knives
  • Control unit and TP PILOT K for operating from the tractor house
  • Rotor disc with 4 knives, placed in pairs
  • The integrated crane support is a strong part of the main construction
  • The PTO axel is equipped with a wide angle
  • The powerful v-belt system between the PTO and main axel minimises vibrations during operation


Max wood diameter:

320 mm

Chip capacity:

Up to 180 m3/hour


130-250 hp (95-184 kW)


2500 kg excl. crane

320 crane video

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