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TP Spare Parts & Optional Extras

Ejector spouts - multiple combinations

Do you need to alter the height or length of the ejector spout? The spout on TP Wood Chippers can be extended both horizontally and vertically to suit your requirements. It is possible to combine several spouts in order to achieve the desired result. Options Include a 0.35m or 0.5m vertical ejector spout, or horizontal ejector spouts, either 1.0 m or 1.5m in length. It is also possible to purchase a 3.9m over tractor spout. Other options include the ability to purchase tiltable, or hydrualically turnable spout. Please Note - Additional Spouts do not fit all models, please call and discuss your requirements to help meet your needs.

Sliver Breakers - optimise the wood chip quality

These can be used if you require extremly high levels of uniformity in chip size. Sliver breakers come in different variations depending on the type of wood chip required. 

Please call for further details.

TP Pilot - Stress Control & Hour Counter

The operating panel TP PILOT provides access to the following features:
• rotation monitor, which prevents the tractor from overloading.
• reading the figures for rotation on the feed rollers and rotor disc.
• recording the current operation time and total number of hours of operation.

Please call for further details.


The TP SERVICEBOX contains all the necessary wearing parts for your TP Wood Chipper. It ensures speedy replacement of worn parts, So that your TP is up and running again in no time.

Available for all TP Wood Chippers, Please call for further details.

For information on our parts service, please call today!


Reverse fed roller remote controls, levers, winches & differing chassis options are also available, please call for further details.

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