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This Product is one of Our Best Sellers
Botex Lasco

The Yard Master – Log Splitter and Rotating Timber Grab

The Yard Master system is a timber grapple log splitter combination. It utilises a a Lasco Cone Splitter and a Botex Grab & Rotator at the same time. The system makes the splitting of oversize timber much easier and more productive and also allows easy loading of Log Decks Etc without needing to change the attachment, or even leave the seat.


2 powerful firewood attachments in one
Grab and Body UK Made
Lasco Austrian Made
2 Models (Standard and XL)
Models to suit 5T+ excavators

Lasco Roli M1 5.2/6.2 Cone log Splitter

Our entry level Cone log Splitter, Hydraulic Cone Splitter for 1-3 ½ tonne base machines. Designed for excavators, telehandlers, forest cranes & similar machines with hydraulics.


1 motors
190-270 Bar recommended working pressure
1-3 ½ t recommended base machine size
15-50 l/min recommended flow volume
Replaceable Tip Cone type
This Product is one of Our Best Sellers

Lasco Roli M1 10 Cone log Splitter

Our most popular Hydraulic Cone Splitter, this is the core model to suit typical requirements. Suited to for 3-9 tonne base machines depending on specifications chosen.


1 motors
170-200 Bar recommended working pressure
3-9 t recommended base machine size
30-130 l/min recommended flow volume
Replaceable Tip Cone type

Lasco Roli M2 Cone log Splitter

Our mid-sized cone log splitter, split oversized timber down to size to fit firewood processors or wood chippers for logs or biomass. This model is especially popular for full time commercial applications.


2 motors
200-270 Bar recommended working pressure
5-15 t recommended base machine size
50-220 l/min recommended flow volume
Replaceable Tip Cone type

Lasco Roli M3 Cone log Splitter

Our mid-range Cone log Splitter, Designed for excavators, telehandlers, forest cranes & similar machines with hydraulics from 10-20 tonne base machines.


3 motors
170-220 Bar recommended working pressure
10-20 t recommended base machine size
90-200 l/min recommended flow volume
Replaceable Tip Cone type

Lasco Forestry Brash/Finger Grab

We have 5 sizes of Brash/Finger Grab to suit most forestry applications.


Range includes 3 models
Suited to Timber loaders, Excavators and Timber Forwarders
Supplied with custom quick-hitch bracket
Lasco Brand
Heavy duty for timber & amp; brash applications
Can be supplied with a rotator

Lasco Splitters

Lasco Cone splitters are designed to be fitted to a variety of base units to quickly and efficiently break down timber which is too large to be processed in its current form. Ideally fitted to excavators, However they can also be attached to telehandlers, loaders, tractor loaders and so on.

Lasco produce over 20 different models to cover machines from 1.5 – 50 tonnes.

One man and a Lasco splitter can break down enormous amounts of timber in a single day to a size which suits their own processor or chipper. We also have customers who offer this as a service to other firewood producers. They take their product to other yards & split timber down for customers, who can then process the timber further.

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