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Botex xCrane Configurable Electric Timber Loader Controls


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Highly Configurable - Adjust Speed and Function
Very User Friendly
Multiple User Accounts
Digital Display
Machine Usage Data
Fault Finding & Error Reports

NEW: Botex launch new Control System Summer 2021.
“The ability to alter the cranes settings to suit different operators is fantastic!” John Shutler

The Botex xCrane control system, available on new Botex loaders and retrofittable onto a wide range of machines.

From the digital display menu system, xCrane owners can:

Set movement speeds, control sensitivity, access system diagnostics, fault logs and see usage data. The system also allows for multiple user accounts, allowing every member to set the machine exactly how they like it. Within a couple of button presses, a new user can step in, and have the machine respond exactly how they like it. This option is also incredibly useful in training settings, where owners could make one account with lower sensitivity, slower speeds and allow trainees to get familiar.

We’ve already got some great feedback including from owner operator John Shutler, of John Shutler Tree Services who runs the xCrane system on his new roof mount, purchased in Summer 2021. John is now on his 4th Botex unit. John was the ideal candidate for this system, having first-hand experience of 3 other Botex units, and with the need for the new advantages this system brings.

John’s owned and operated a Valtra 8050 with Botex 560 on manual leavers, a T150 with a Botex 570 on manual leavers, a T163 with a Botex 580 Load flow share and now this stunning N144 with Botex 570 X-Crane controls. With this new X crane system, as well as the user-friendly control of all major loader functions with 2 electric joysticks, John can now easily access system settings using a digital touch screen.

This is without doubt our most responsive, user-friendly and productive control system to date.
John Shutler has let us know “I’ve enjoyed putting the all new Botex xCrane system through its paces on my new Valtra N174 with Botex 570 crane. The ability to alter the cranes settings to suit different operators is fantastic. Being able to unlock the crane controls from the armrest is a great improvement on the previous system, as it offers much greater fluidity for the operator. This is the 4th tractor I’ve bought from Wilson’s and I wouldn’t look anywhere else when buying a tractor and crane”

This feedback has been echoed from 2 other xCrane sales in recent weeks… with a second unit going to Joe, Colin and the team at Week’s forestry who have let us know they are blown away by this new system, which is great to know as they too are time served Botex roof mount owners. Joe let our Ian Brown know “it’s so easy to adjust, and set it exactly how we need it, day by day I’ve adjusted things here and there, and now my configuration is seamless! It simply does exactly what I’m asking of it, in such a fast and effortless way – it’s a real joy to use. Also, as I’m not the only operator, it’s nice to know that other users won’t be adjusting my configuration – they have their own, so we’re all winners as I’m sure my settings wouldn’t be for everyone… but I guess that’s the point. The whole team can work productively on the same piece of kit, in entirely different ways.”

Andy Hampson is our third xCrane owner, who again is a time served Botex roof mount owner. Andy of Elm House Tree Services recently got a stunning bronze Valtra with this new system controlling the Botex 570 Roof Mount. He previously owned a Valtra 8150 fitted with the roof mounted 6.75m reach manual Botex 570, and let us know “I have just had my first experience of the xCrane after taking delivery of our brand new N174 straight from Wilson’s with a 570C. The xCrane is night and day in comparison to the trusted Parker Hydraulic Controls I have been using for over 10years. The XCrane is Very smooth in operation and able to do multiple functions with ease and without loss of speed or function as you would with the old hydraulic valve bank. With a short read of the manual (very short) and little help from Mr Templeton I navigated the menu to enable me to fully tailor the cranes speed and response to my own liking. As always the support from Wilson’s is excellent and would definitely recommend the new xCrane if your looking to upgrade to a PowerBeyond Valtra”.

Another important and sometimes overlooked area that we have spent a lot of time developing is the operator’s driving position. Operators can spend long hours in these machines and it is very important to design this with Ergonomics in mind. We have developed and produced our own lever pods and have improved the location of other related controls at the same time. All controls are mounted just where you want them without the need to compromise on legroom. The result is a comfortable working environment for the operator and significantly less driver fatigue as a result.

As well as operating New Botex loaders, our xCrane system can be retrofitted to a range of machines for instance, older purpose built machines with tired or faulty controls, or situations where replacement components may be very expensive or even obsolete, we can provide a complete system to replace all the electronics from your finger tips to the hydraulic valve for less cost than you might think.

Contact our product specialist Ian Brown directly
01556 612 233
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